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Miriam in Poughkeepsie, NY *****
I've been waiting to put my rating in until I've had my puppy for a while. I wanted to make sure I could put in a realistic and informed review. My puppy is now 4 months old and I have had him for 2 months. He was delivered to me through a service they offer by one of their family members, as I live several states away.
Before i found GGGD, I spent several months looking and interviewing breeders from all over the east coast. I was very frustrated in the process and almost gave up looking. I was on a Facebook group for danes, and someone suggested I contact GGGD. From the first time we spoke, there was a significant difference in this breeder from the others. She asked the right questions of me, and answered each and every question I had for her.
She continued to ( patiently)answer any questions I had throughout the process of coming to meet my puppy and until I received my puppy; and even to this day, of i have a question, Tish answers almost immediately.
Their puppy was happy, healthy, beautiful, well adjusted AND crate trained!! He learned quickly and has been very happy and healthy. I love him so very much and he immediately became a member of my family. I had no problems with my puppy interacting with my other dog.
I am so grateful I found Tish, her wonderful family( which helps her raise and transport these beautiful babies) and for my friend that referred me. When i get my next dane(which I will), I will definitely go to GGGD. I can't recommend her enough. I know her puppies will be healthy and well- adjusted(which means a LOT). They are top-notch. Not all breeders are the same. Do your homework. You will find GGGD is the best you will find for great danes.
Adaire in Wilson, NC *****
Where do we begin!!! This experience was amazing. We did have to wait! But guess what is was 100% worth it. Our Luna girl was spoiled from day one!!! She has a spirt of an angel! Our children roll all over like she is a sibling.

We appreciate all of the hard work that Grants Gorgeous Great Dane family puts into these beautiful animals. We will definitely be back for many more!!!!

To this day our take the puppy home day replays in mind over and over!!! Such a great experience.
Bobbie in Cherry Hill, NJ *****
This is our 3rd Dane and the first from Tish. The love and attention she gives her puppies from the time they are born is certainly evident. Gracie has a wonderful disposition, loves to be cuddled, and is wonderful with humans and our other dog. Tish has always responded to my many texts in a timely manner and she has had to put up with me before our Gracie was born. Thank you Tish for raising such exceptional Danes and letting us be a part of your Dane family!!
Shauna in Magnolia, DE *****
I felt comfort and like I was a part of the family from day 1 of contact with Tish! The process was extremely smooth and I ended up with the most goofy and lovable Great Dane in the world!

I wholeheartedly recommend Grant's Gorgeous Great Danes to anyone who is looking for exceptional treatment and to become a part of a large family with a multitude of knowledge!
Kathy in Chevy Chase, MD *****
Tish and Grants Gorgeous Great Danes are the best if you are looking for a Dane puppy! Our brindle Cassie, whom we brought home at eight weeks, is now almost three, and is gentle, loving, sociable, joyful, and super smart. Her striking looks turn heads wherever she goes.

Tish is a very responsible and experienced breeder who does an amazing job breeding gorgeous puppies and socializing them in preparation for their new life. And she has been available throughout to answer any questions we have had. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family!
Kathryn in York, PA *****
I researched a lot of breeders, and chose Grant’s. I 100% made the correct choice. Tish was compassionate, caring, and helpful throughout the entire process. She loves all of her puppies and takes excellent care of them. Cleanliness, socialization, and desensitization are all on her priority list!

My Great Dane I had the most wonderful temperament and disposition. She is great with other animals, and children.
Tilly wasn’t even scared of fireworks this year… because Tish played firework sounds when they were young.

I am enjoying the Facebook group that Tish has set up. I can see pictures of all of the Grant’s previous litters. Plus, I can see her littermates and it’s fun to see them progress. They may live in different states, but they can grow up together on facebook.

Oh yes, and she came with an outfit for puppy pictures :) Total bonus!!!

If you are thinking about getting a Great Dane, don’t look anywhere else!!!
Ebony in Frederick, MD *****
No words can describe how truly great GGG is!!!! My breeder (aka THE BEST BREEDER EVER) made the entire process stress free and extremely joyful!! From beginning (can’t say the end because we’ll be back) she gives 100% and then some! If this is your 1st or 2nd dane GGG is ALWAYS a perfect choice! Our puppy is happy and the epitome of Gentle Giant! Thank you sooo much for always answering all my questions (I had quite a few....weekly) & never making us feel like pests! I would HIGHLY recommend GGG to anyone who wants a Great Dane!
Ronni in Pasadena, MD *****
This is THE breeder to come to when looking for your Great Dane! Tish is very professional and the babies are so beautiful and healthy you'll have a hard time choosing just one!

My Bonzo is the love of my life!
J in Prospect park, PA *****
Very reputable breeder. Always makes time to answer questions. Made us feel very comfortable with purchasing our first Dane puppy from this breeder. Very accommodating despite their busy schedule and various responsibilities on a daily basis. Very quick turn around time responding to any questions we had and really took the time to address any questions we had. Tish showed us our puppies parents and grandparents and was amazing with our children during our pick visit. Highly recommend
Jean in Alexandria, VA *****
We’ve always had big dogs, but this is our first Great Dane. Abby is the love of our lives! She is so sweet and affectionate - we couldn’t imagine a better temperament. Abby is also incredibly smart and obedient. Tish breeds the most incredible Danes and I highly recommend getting your puppy from her!
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