Grant's Gorgeous Great Dane Puppies


Our breeding dogs come from a purebred champion bloodline. The genetic line of our pedigree has produced 55 Champion dogs, which make our puppies great as potential show dogs, but also amazing family pets. The parent dogs are raised with our family as companions and any puppy you pick, you can rest assured we have spoiled it like one of our own! Take a look at our Parent dogs and let us know if you have any inquiries, or would like to ask about pricing & availability.

Stand for anything

Grant's Gorgeous Renegade

Weighing-In at 135 pounds, and measuring 33" at the withers, Grant's Gorgeous Renegade is a beautiful "Blue Scooby-Doo" of the Great Dane Breed. 


Sit on her

Grant's Gentlemanly Brynx Security Systemz

Weighing-In at 162 pounds, and measuring 35" at the withers, Grant's Gentlemanly Brynx Security Systemz is a Male FANTASTIC specimen of the Great Dane Breed !!